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About Esme

Esmeralda Lamas, (Esme), was born in Mexico City, Mexico and graduated from the National Institute of the Fine Arts with a BFA. Immediately upon graduation, she became a professional dancer and was cast in many television shows for Televisa. Her career took her all around the world on the tours of famous singers, eventually becoming a choreographer for many of them.

In 2008, Esme moved to Los Angeles to choreograph US stadium and arena shows on the tour of a famous singer. It was a time of great loneliness for her which lead her to discover yoga. She began practicing power yoga and pursued a teacher training in pranavinyasa with founder, Shiva Rea. In discovering yoga, she felt relief from panic attacks and anxiety that had been troubling her since the move and was able to overcome loneliness and build a new identity separate from her career. In 2011, Esme decided to pursue yoga full time and moved to Buenos Aires where she found the Ashtanga yoga practice.

She has taken four trips to Mysore, India to study and practice under the eyes of Sharath Jois at the Ashtanga institute now known as Sharath Yoga Center. Esme apprenticed at Miami Life Center for two years in the Ashtanga Yoga Intensive and graduated in 2016 where she continues to teach guided and Mysore style practice. Always a student, she continues to grow under the guidance of teachers Tim Feldman and Kino McGregor.

Esme believes that breath, movement, and gaze come together in one practice to create magic. She has found community, purpose and connection through Ashtanga yoga and carries a great passion to help others who are in the middle of a life transition.


“Until now, I cannot express in words how yoga has helped me. The only thing I can say, is that it makes me feel much, much better. It is a medicine - a tool - that helps me feel strong, happy, and energetic with satisfaction, contentment, and bliss. And even though I may feel in a bad mood, sad, or without will, after practice, my mind is clear, I feel cheered up, and find a zest for the rest of the day.”




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Ashtanga With Esme
736 6th St, Miami Beach, FL 33139

Tel: 305-495-9600


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